Numerology is a 5000 year old science that mathematically measures the impact of your “Date-of-Birth” and “Name” on your mind and destiny.

Numerology works on these pretexts in two ways & as stated below:

1. It allows measuring and understanding the latent energies or strengths a person is born with.

E.g. Using Numerology, we can accurately say that an individual born on 5th, 14th, and 23rd are born with energies that makes them restless and want to try different things in life. Essentially it gives them a lot of strengths to be inspirational and adventurous.

*To know more about strengths from other date-of-births visits our page on Birth Numerology Numbers

2. It allows a mathematical measure of vibrations a name exhibits i.e. whether the vibrations of the name express a creative or theoretical or expressive, idealistic or technical vibe. This is very important, as these vibrations affect the mind of a person in a very strong way.

If you took a name analysis on our website, you would have realized how your name has had an effect on your personality and behaviour.

And here is where a role of a Numerologist becomes very critical, as he is expected to know the art of balancing the vibrations from a Name with the energies measured from date-of-birth.

Importantly, he is aware that these vibrations of a name have to necessarily allow expression of these energies you are born with. More so, as it is your purpose & destiny in life to have them expressed in one way or the other.

A classic real-life case study to understand the importance of this balance is of a Major rank officer (armed forces) who had a child and from the early days followed a strict & disciplined regime for his upbringing.

The system of upbringing was very clear: set a process for everything, keep the bar for performance really high and if the objective was not achieved – be extremely critical. A tried and tested Army veteran approach.

All this perseverance and pressure of excellence with time had the child grow and secure admission in a premier business school. All was merry until one fine day the child was hit with a severe case of depression. The parents were surprised by this sudden trigger of depression until the psychologist who was attending to the child explained the cause.

Apparently, the child had creative and inspirational qualities in him and the father had suppressed these traits and pushed him in the opposite. As a result, this suppression caused a conflict in the mind and triggered a bout of depression.

While the child eventually came out of this with proper care & time, but the learnings from it are of extreme importance. i.e. the potential and strengths a child is born with should be allowed to express.

And this is where Numerology is really special. It not only allows us to understand our hidden talents but also lists down mathematical methods which allow us to express them for happiness through the name.

On the contrary, if a name is randomly chosen and not balanced to energies from your date-of-birth, then the outcome can be anything – from limited success to bad health and even frustration.

As you can see, a name of a person plays a role as important as that of a parent. If used in the right way – it can guide, condition and makes the person seek his destiny for happiness.

At NaamVidya, using the science of Numerology we allow people to choose names based on mathematical principles for happiness and success in life.

These Numerology principles today are globally the most accurate and every name suggested by us adheres to the standards of excellence.

At NaamVidya, we call these names Balanced Names™.

Get in touch with our team of experienced name specialist who can help you hand-pick a balanced name (based on your cultural and geographic preferences) for happiness and success in life.

- NaamVidya Principles