Name Numerology

What is Name Numerology?

Name Numerology is a science that uses mathematics to measure the energy and vibration of every letter in your name and understand its impact on your mind and actions.

The science has survived more than 5000 years due to its accuracy in detailing how a person’s nature, behaviour and subsequent actions are very closely related to how his/her name is pronounced and written. Take a name analysis on our site to see how your name has impacted you.

While measuring the vibration of every letter and its effect is one part of science, the real value of Name Numerology is in deciding which name is rightly suited for to a person. And this is where the blend of Astrology and Numerology does wonder.

Astrology as a predictive science can help understand the strengths are a person is born by analyzing a date-of-birth. E.g. Is he born to be creative and inspirational or methodical and technical? Basis these strengths a Name supporting them should be advised.

You can visit the page Birth Numerology Number to understand the traits you are born with depending on your day-of-birth.

Now, imagine a name forcing methodical abilities in a creative child? The child is bound to struggle and have limited success. More so as his abilities are suppressed, and the ill effects of suppressed emotions or abilities are well documented in modern science as depression or frustration in life. It is like giving someone a fork when he has to drink soup. A struggle in life is inevitable.

Now at the same time, a name balanced to a person date-of-birth can help weave a story of happiness. Not only you attract success easily, but you also stride over hurdles and struggle of life very smoothly.

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At NaamVidya, every new name suggested or corrected (for a newborn baby or Adult) is done after mathematically analyzing over 300 parameters of Name Numerology. We call our suggested names mathematically Balanced Names as they are balanced to your date-of-birth for happiness.

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